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Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client Installation Manual

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides a secure connection between a user and a protected service. The University of Mississippi provides VPN account services to authorized users that have a need to access the University's internal network from a remote location.

A VPN connection must be established in order to send e-mail from an off-campus location when you are not using a Web-based client such as Webmail.

To use the VPN client on an iPhonei/iPad, click here: iPhone/iPad VPN client

To install the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client on your PC, follow the instructions given in this document. If you require additional assistance, please contact the IT Helpdesk at 662-915-5222.

The Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client provides secure connectivity to various systems. Users will need to install the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client software before use. This installation procedure will only need to be completed once. After the Client is installed, it will remain on the user's PC and can be called up any time it is needed.

To begin the installation process, point your browser to

First, users will be prompted to download the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client software. You will see a sign-on screen, like the one below:

Note that the Group has defaulted to UM-Faculty-Staff. This is the proper Group designation for almost all users.

Enter your Ole Miss WebID and password in the spaces provided, and click LOGIN.

This Manual is written with a general installation experience in mind. Depending on your choice of browser and your hardware configuration, some of the screens and steps which follow may not be presented to you. If you find that your installation skips one or more of the steps noted in the following Manual, don't be alarmed; simply proceed to the next step, as the one skipped was handled automatically by the software.

Many users will then see a screen like the one below:

As you can see, you are being prompted to click on "Install ActiveX Control." Click on this to continue the installation. The software will then check the configuration of your system, as shown by the window below:

The process is ready to continue when you see the screen below. Many users will NOT see this screen displayed, which is normal, based on their machine configuration. If you do not see the following screen, your software is being installed automatically. But if you do see it, click on the blue "Windows Vista/64/XP/2000" link.

The next screen should appear as below. You are being prompted to either RUN, SAVE, or CANCEL the installation software. Click RUN.

The next screen you will see after clicking RUN above is the following screen. It is merely a Windows security screen, asking for confirmation before running an executable file. Click RUN.

After clicking RUN, you will see the following screen. It is the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client Setup Wizard; please click NEXT to start the setup.

Setup begins with the End-User License Agreement prompt. Note that it is currently set for "I do not accept." You need to change this by clicking the "I accept" button before proceeding, as shown below:

Once you click "I accept," the NEXT button will become functional. Click NEXT to proceed, as shown below:

The next screen will begin the installation process, but only after you click INSTALL:

After you begin the installation process, you will see the next screen. It may take several moments to complete its part of the process. Please wait while it is displayed:

When the screen below appears, please click FINISH. This will allow the Setup Wizard to complete this portion of the installation:

When the Setup Wizard finishes, look for an icon on your screen called vpnclient-win, like the one shown below:

If you see this, double click this icon to continue. If you don't see it, skip to the end of this Manual.

After double-clicking, you will see this:

Click RUN to continue, which will result in:

In order to continue, you will need to click UNZIP in the box above. This will allow the software to decompress several files. When that is accomplished, as shown above, click OK to continue. You will then see the following window:

Please wait while that process takes place. It may take several moments. When it is done, you will see the window below. Click NEXT to continue the process:

Again, you must accept the End User License Agreement for the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client software. As shown below, the window will appear with "I do not accept" clicked.

Change this by clicking "I accept" and then clicking the NEXT button, as shown below:

The following screen designates the location of the Client program files. Most users accept the default. To do this, click NEXT.

As shown below, click NEXT to continue the installation:

You will then see the following window, which may take a few moments to complete:

The screen below means you are nearly complete. Click FINISH to complete the installation:

The installer will place the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client in your Programs. To use it, locate the Program by clicking All Programs, as shown below:

Starting the Client will open this window.